LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get your first treatment for only $29.95!*Schedule Service

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get your first treatment for only $29.95!*Schedule Service

Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio

A Beautiful Lawn Makes a Bold Statement

A well manicured lawn shows that you care about your property and your community. Whether your lawn has weeds, thin spots, or color issues, the lawn experts at TM Turf are here to keep your lawn healthy.

Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio

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Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio

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Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio

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Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio

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Cultivating a great lawn can be a challenge.

Yellowish or brown grass? Thinning or large bald patches? These can make your entire lawn appear unhealthy. It can also make you, as the homeowner, seem unconcerned about your property or your neighbors’ properties. If you need help with your lawn care in Central Ohio, contact the experts at TM Turf.

Lawn Care Company Columbus Ohio
Hand-crafted Lawn Fertilization Columbus Ohio

Hand-crafted lawn care at it’s finest for a lawn you can be proud of.

Growing a healthy lawn takes more than just regular watering and mowing. It’s more complicated than that. The lawn care technicians at TM Turf in Columbus, OH understand the science behind lawn care and can help you achieve the healthy, gorgeous lawn you desire.

All-inclusive local lawn maintenance services that free you from worry and hassle.

An artisanal approach to lawn care, hand-crafted to focus on the quality of the lawn service.

A truly one-on-one experience with your professional lawn care service, so you fully understand the process and know what to expect.

Best lawn care services at a fair price for a lawn you can be proud of.

We have the prescription for your lawn care problems.

When your lawn is distressed, you need an expert Central Ohio lawn care team that can provide a much greater attention to detail. Our personalized, professional services are prescription grade, not “over-the-counter.” Restoring your lawn’s health is our top priority.

Custom Granular Fertilization

Custom Granular Fertilization

Our custom granular fertilizing process combines the ideal fertilizer for your lawn and specific target areas to ensure your yard receives the right combination of nutrients to achieve a healthy thick green lawn.

All-Inclusive Weed Control

All-Inclusive Weed Control

Weeds can take away the water, light, and nutrients your grass needs to stay healthy. Our company in Central Ohio developed a program to rid your grass of weeds, so your lawn stays green and healthy all season.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass is a type of weed that can quite innocently appear on your Columbus lawn. But before long, it has taken over! Crabgrass removes nutrients from the soil, suffocating the grass and leaving you with a discolored, patchy, unhealthy-looking lawn.

Grub Control

Grub Control

Don’t let grubs eat away at the roots of your healthy grass, turning it yellow, brown, or even killing large patches. A healthy, lush, green lawn is one without these destructive tiny, white worms and other pests that compromise the health and beauty of your lawn in Columbus, Ohio.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Core aeration allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. It helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

We offer two convenient packages.

We offer two lawn care packages for you to have a thick, green lawn. We will share our recommendation based on what is going to be best for your lawn.

Platinum Lawn Fertilization Package

Your lawn receives the nutrients to thrive, the protection to grow in abundance, and the strength to endure each season. The package includes custom granular fertilization, all-inclusive weed control, pre-emergent for crabgrass control, grub control, and core aeration.

Gold Lawn Fertilization Package

This classic and very effective 7-step regimen provides your lawn with nutrients and protection against turf damaging insects. The package includes all-inclusive weed control, pre-emergent for crabgrass control and grub control.

Get started on growing a beautiful lawn.

We’re eager to help you grow and maintain a beautiful lawn you can be proud of in Central Ohio, so we make it easy for you to get started.


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Lawn Diagnosis

During our phone conversation, we will assess the condition of your lawn and make recommendations. We take into consideration numerous factors such as sunlight, bugs, weeds, diseases, and even improper lawn mowing and watering.


Maintenance Free Living

Watch your lawn go from yellow and brown to healthy and green. The road to recovery is a process. You can rely on the team of lawn care experts at TM Turf to be with you throughout your lawn’s transition from being the worst lawn in the neighborhood to one of the best.

Go from your lawn being a major liability to one of your biggest assets.

Go from your lawn being a major liability to one of your biggest assets.

Your house is your castle, but it is also your investment. Your home’s curb appeal is an important factor in maintaining or increasing your property value and the values of your neighbors’ homes.

With the proper lawn care services from TM Turf, your lawn can go from being a major liability to one of your biggest assets.


"Turf looks great! If you guys want to put a sign up after your apps for advertising I am totally cool with it! Turf looks great."


"Man, you really brought my yard around this year! Thanks for the service. If you have something to leave a review on let me know. I wish I had a picture from the beginning of the year."


"Hi guys. I just wanted to share that I looked out at my neighbors’ lawns on both sides of me and across the street. Their lawns are yellowish green, more yellow than green. Ours, that you treated, looks good, green and healthy. You guys saved my lawn and it still looks better than all my neighbors’ lawns and are all new homes and new sod.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a lawn care professional or do it myself?

Yes! Having your lawn maintained by a lawn care pros provides lots of benefits:

  1. A pro company can make sure your lawn looks good and healthy all year round.
  2. A pro company can help you save time, money and energy by taking care of the maintenance for you.
  3. They can help you identify and treat lawn problems before they become too big.
  4. They can help you save money on expensive treatments and tools by using the right products.
  5. A pro company can help create a safe and pest-free environment for your family and pets.

What lawn care services does TM Turf offer?

TM Turf offers a variety of lawn care services including custom granular lawn fertilization, all-inclusive weed control, pre-emergent treatment for crabgrass, core aeration, pest control, seeding, and more!

How many times a year does TM Turf come out?

The frequency at which our lawn care professionals visit your home in Columbus, Ohio, may depend on the season and the severity of your unique lawn care service needs, but visits typically occur every 4 to 6 weeks from March through October. We strive to provide you with the best, most efficient, and most affordable lawn care services in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Does TM Turf put down grass seed?

Yes! TM Turf provides yard services that include seeding as well as aeration and pest control, among others, all around Columbus, OH. We’re happy to provide quotes and additional services.

Does TM Turf treat crabgrass?

Yes. Crabgrass is a common problem with our customers in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas. Crabgrass is a shallow-rooted annual grass that grows in cool, moist soil, germinating from early spring through early summer, and it can quickly devastate your yard. Crabgrass is best controlled with a pre-emergent crabgrass control application and regular lawn maintenance undertaken by a Columbus lawn care services professional. We also offer additional maintenance services, all done professionally.

When does lawn care season start?

Lawn care services in Columbus, OH, typically start in the spring when the weather gets warmer and the grass begins to grow. It ends in the late fall when the temperatures get colder, and the grass stops growing. During this time, lawn mowing, lawn fertilizing, leaf removal, or people seek the help of professionals from a trusted lawn care business to handle these tasks and other lawn care needs.

Should I worry about yard care during the winter months?

While the grass goes dormant during the winter months, around the Columbus, OH area, getting lawns ready for the winter is still important. Make sure to get your lawn aerated and fertilized before an Ohio winter strikes. Lawns aren't just a spring-through-fall project. If you want attractive lawns where you live, you'll need to get lawn services throughout the year. Lawn maintenance services are among the offerings of TM Turf, and are comparable to average lawn care prices.

Where do you provide lawn services?

We want our customers in Columbus, OH, and central Ohio areas, including Westerville, Delaware, Dublin, New Albany, Grove City, and many other Central Ohio communities, to have a front yard and attractive place they are proud of. There is no need to feel the hassle of doing the yard work on your days off. You have enough to worry about day after day. So, let a locally-owned, professional service your lawn today.

Are your products safe? Do you spray lawns, or use granular?

We use a “no-liquid” approach so all of our maintenance services use granular fertilizer. Our pet-friendly and kid-friendly approach requires little wait time after application. After lawn watering or rain, wait for the lawn to dry completely before allowing pets or people to explore the area. This ensures that the fertilizer stays on the lawn and won't get tracked back into the house.